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Zetamatrix is a biotechnology company

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Zetamatrix was born as a start-up in 2021. Our major goal is to become a pioneer in the development of next-generation biomaterials for 3D cell culture and bioprinting applications. The company manufactures bioinks in the form of hydrogels that act as extracellular-matrix environments to support cell growth and proliferation. The unique properties of the products allow our products to replicate the properties of specific tissues, thus allowing cells to grow and reproduce in a realistic 3D environment.Our world-class customizable bioinks provide functional advantages, that you can rely on throughout bioprinting and biofabrication studies. Zetamatrix develops purified, medical grade, modified and non-modified, sterile and nonsterile gelatins and collagens for the biomedical applications. The founders of the company have significant experience and expertise in three-dimensional bioprinting, tissue engineering and biomaterials used in this field, they have studies in more than 40 biomaterials fields in the literature, some of them in journals with an impact factor of 50 and above. These studies were reported in foreign media organizations such as Reuters and the Boston Globe. In their work, they presented a new micro-robotic strategy for the creation of three-dimensional complex functional materials and proposed the use of stable radicals that allow self-assembly of magnetically adjustable gels known as ""magnetoceptive"". In another study, they demonstrated a new strategy for cell-capsule structures such as microgels to be supported and joined in three dimensions.

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