Mustafa Yücel, Ali Yücel
Konya, TR is AI commercial search engine for Turkey.

B2B, Artificial Intelligence, Startups


Our goal is to bring your company together with accredited customers in Turkey. Tbengine is the first commercial search engine with artificial intelligence in Turkey and aims to develop Turkey's export. Tbengine recommends new markets to companies with appropriate analysis by using artificial intelligence system. Tbengine lists the most suitable companies for you from any sector in Turkey. You can reach companies in hundreds of categories such as packaging, crane, agriculture, defense industry, milling machinery and automotive sector. You can access products and all information of the companies and contact with them online. You can also be one of the importer companies by subscribing. In Tbengine, you can see investment, partnership, cooperation demands in Turkey. If you have a producing company in Turkey, join and reach whole world. We are looking for new cooperations to popularize system and expand the market. For further information about search engine, please visit our website.

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