Istanbul, TR

Web application to design, send, store smart certificates

Big Data Analytics


Sertifier is a web application which revolutionizes traditional certificate designing and printing process by allowing its customers to create, design, store, and distribute varying certificates online in an efficient, easy, and eco-friendly way. Also, it is an open-source for everyone to verify every distributed certificate as an independent authority. Our competitors run their operations through the conventional yet inefficient way of installing the software in the local database of their clients to provide their service. This creates two main problems; firstly, the data for the certificates cannot be retrieved 7/24 without physical access, and secondly, the continuous need for the preservation and possession of the physical certificates prove a burden for the owners of the certificates for the future usage. We distinguish ourselves from this through:

i.The presence of a cloud service that can be accessed by any and all institutions to handle the production and distribution of certificates whenever and wherever required,

ii.The totally digitalized distribution system of certificates through e-mail delivery and online web application,

iii.7/24 worldwide accessible certificate services through our online web application,

iv.The verification of the digital certificates through our unique serial number and QR code imprint contained within our digital certificates,

v.An easy integration and usage system provided for our digital certificates to be shared and saved on CV/portfolio production websites (e.g LinkedIn) and online platforms,

vi.The presence of an environmentally friendly set of ideals at the core of our company. In the e-learning industry, there are four different players who are our direct competitors. They have been operating as independent education credential issuers and managed to do business with global companies.


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