Sensiball VR

Ali Onur Cerrah
Eskişehir, TR

Virtual Football Analysis & Training Platform

Technology, Virtual Reality, Startups


Sensiball VR is a high-tech company established in ATAP TeknoPark situated on the Anadolu University campus. Our Tubitak 1512 and 1507 projects are accepted and we received national and international R&D support incentives and investments. We're also proud to be one of the finalists of the world-famous ITU Cekirdek Big-Bang competition. 3 international and 1 national patent application have been filed for the production and commercialization of haptic apparatus that will mimic the feeling of impact of the ball in the virtual world. These patents cover haptic systems that can simultaneously create the sensation of impact that occurs at the touch point of the ball in the virtual world, in the human body. Our core team has a total of 60 years of R&D and innovation experience, more than ten patent applications, many academic publications and articles, international project management experience, and internationally award-winning products. We carry out test and scientific studies with professional football teams and professional athletes. Thus, we measure the effects of our system on real football players and improve it day by day. Our vision is to be a leading international company in the field of sports technologies, especially football, and to design a brand new universe by realizing the technological breakthrough that Turkey aims to make in every field, together with SENSIBALL VR, which is unique in the world, and with our investors who believe in us.

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