Binh Hua
Palo Alto, US

Super App Pick Up Passengers, Delivery & Roadside Assistance

Technology, Fin Tech, Startups


Looking for a lucrative investment opportunity? The search is over! RIDVY is offering you first dibs as an Angel or IPO Investor in a fast-growing technology company based in the heart of Silicon Valley. What is RIDVY? (RIDVY’s) technology offers three revolutionary services in one easy to use app that’s already available on the App and Android stores. Our app offers: • A customer service ride share service, (Licensed by the state of California) • A concierge delivery service • and a roadside assistance service This kind of service is not available anywhere in the world! About the Opportunity We want to scale up operations in several metropolitan cities and disrupt the status quo in the on-demand service and ride share industry with our commitment to providing a more professional service and experience for our customers. But we need your help to advance our mission. You can either choose to be an Angel investor and receive exponential rewards or an IPO investor with nominal returns. Why Back this Project? • We have a California TNC license – the same license as UBER. • Unique service not available anywhere in the world • Potential for a high return on your investment • World class board of directors and management team • Projected growth of ride share is over 200 million by 2023 • Build your legacy with us and be handsomely rewarded Next steps If you had received an invitation to invest $5000 in Uber when it was a start-up, on IPO day you could’ve made$24,825,000. RIDVY is the next big thing in Ride share and On-demand industry. Don’t miss this mega opportunity to build a legacy with us and be handsomely rewarded. Sign up to invest early.

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