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RemoteTeam is first, an HR platform for remote companies. Second, a people ops tool for remote teams. And third, a management tool. We have a payroll app, a tax compliant tool, and time off platform, which are the core apps that help companies automate their HR activities. We also have team management, inventory control, check-in, reimbursement, and other applications that make up our people ops platform for remote-first companies. These, together with our integration of the best and cheapest payment platforms around the world, our own internal payment system that allows you to pay overseas employees in over 200 countries, and a document signing platform makes RemoteTeam the complete management tool for any remote company out there. With a team coming from Africa, Asia, Europe, and America, we’re building the best HR, management, and people ops tools for remote companies. Here's what you can do with RemoteTeam 1. Pay your remote employees with out international payments integration and internal payment platform that allows you to pay employees in over 200 countries. 2. Stay compliant - Collect the necessary documents from your employees for tax and other documents needed by the IRS (US remote companies. 3. A modern payroll - manage salaries, pay in bulk, and automate the entire process. 4. Time offs - create time off policies, get notifications for employees' holidays, birthdays, and manage who is at work, who is on leave, and more. 5. Link your time tracking tools with your payroll to measure productivity and calculate employees' salary accurately - no more spreadsheets. 6. Receive reimbursement requests from your remote employees when they spend on work-related activities, and reimburse them. 7. Get access to remote documents, including NDAs and Contracts, get them signed and approved by employees with our in-house document management and signing system.

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