Pangea Sun

Pangea Sun is the first ecosocial and modular laptop.


Company Pangea Electronics stands for innovative, eco-friendly and a sustainable technology. We want to create a positive impact in design, manufacturing and sustainable electronic. Product The Pangea Sun can do everything that is expected of a notebook and more: Its modular design, individual parts can be exchanged and adapted to your own needs. It consists of a total of 8 modules or individual parts: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, battery, mainboard, computer and more. While common modularity concepts focus on the interchangeability of individual defective parts, we at Pangea Electronics go one step further. We enable our customers not only to replace defective parts, but also to update and customize their Pangea Sun regularly. Instead of working with weakened batteries or outdated technology or looking for a new laptop every few years, we relieve the customer by automated upgrades. Customers never have to buy an expensive laptop again. A Hardware-As-A-Service for the B2C sector. Strategy To prove that we are also able to develop what we are talking about, we brought the Pangea Sun and Pangea Mercury to life after 2 years of development at the beginning & end of 2017. We have received good feedback from trade fairs and customer feedback that only confirms our strategy. In order to validate our business model and vision, we have taken part in several competitions and even received awards from the German President: Land of Ideas 2017 by the Federal President (Germany's Best 100 Ideas) Industry Award 2017 for Pangea Sun Industry Award 2018 for Pangea Mercury Innovation Award 2018 in IT Service for Pangea Thus we have created a network that favours international cooperations in order to be able to build up a prompt production in Africa.

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