Dincer Sozutok
Ankara, TR

Onlock turns your phone into your key

Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Internet of Things


Onlock is an electro-mechanic secure smart lock system that can be mounted onto your current door lock in «seconds» and allowing owners to share your key anyone you want. Onlock brings solution for: - Obligation of keeping physical key all time with you - Easy loss of key in bag, home or somewhere - Insufficient time or location restrictions to deliver the key - Security weakness since the risk of key duplication - Lack of tracing physical key We believe that Onlock is unique since it is designed for Plug & Play installation, compatible with most of conventional locks on market, allowing usage of existing key, and requiring no need of additional tools nor competences to install it. It is expected that smart lock market will grow 1000% from $404M to $4.2B until 2024 thus, you shall take your place to enjoy the Return-On-Investment (ROI) of this market in short-term by investing Onlock. Onlock is a product developed by Digit Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş, which is a technology startup founded by 4 brilliant engineers from different strong backgrounds varying Electronics to Software, Sales to Management. Onlock is funded by Tubitak 1512 program (Turkish Government early seed program for entrepreneurs), also accelerated by StartersHub XO 2017. Onlock has a collabration with one of the biggest durable goods&consumer electronics company in Europe, and keeping on extending its network and supporters by investment round 2017.

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