Alkan Dalkılıç
istanbul, TR

OMMA is a cloud-based and scalable digital signage platform.

Global, Advertising Platforms, Startups


OMMA is a neo digital signage software platform, founded in 2015 and spread over MENA, Europe and APAC markets under 4 years. We are a young and agile company dedicated to innovation and technology. Our sole focus is software and we do not offer any hardware such as players. OMMA is a cloud-based, secure, flexible and cost-effective digital signage solution. It is adaptable, programmable yet simple - as it is desired in today's digital world. Furthermore OMMA runs cross-platform, thus brand and OS independent. Important facts about OMMA: - We are the proud SW supplier for the largest SoC project in the world with 12.000+ displays on a single network. - We are running on 1700 locations, 3 continents, the numbers are on the rise every day. - We are engineers at heart, believe in continuous development and release new features every quarter. - We have a dedicated Customer Success Team to ensure the total success of all projects. The customers in every part of the world are demanding more everyday to optimize their investment and achieve better results. whereas we have proved our worth in several cases. As true believers of win-win approach, we are dedicated to create showcase projects so we believe any potential cooperation will be beneficial for all the parties involved.


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