Ecehan Gözeyik
İstanbul, TR

Linguverse is a digital English learning platform



Linguverse is an online English language learning and teaching platform that is appropriate for educational institutions that teach English from kindergarten up to high school. It can be used either in-class or out of the classroom. The biggest feature of the platform is that the logo, the layout, the menu and the content can be personalized and customized according to the demands and needs of the institutions. While the students practice their reading, writing, listening-watching, vocabulary and use of English skills that are fully designed in parallel with their school year curriculum, the feedbacks of the correct and incorrect answers are instantly shared with both the students and the teachers via the LMS (Learning Management System). Students can see the results of their each activity based on their scores and the time they spend. Teachers, on the other hand, can follow each of their students individually and get comparative reports of all their classes. They can easily identify the areas that their students are good and that need extra attention. Students can combine what they have learned with their creativity through online project studies, which are prepared according to their English goals and acquisitions, and even if the teachers desire, they can create their own extra projects and share them with their students. Different types of evaluation tests are available on the system. The educators can decide whether they need a progess test, an achievement test or a placement test on the platform. All exam results are evaluated online and the results are shared with both students and teachers instantly. Apart from the online studies, downloadable PDF homework sheets are also another practice tool for students to revise all the language skills they have learned so far. Platform membership is activated with an annual user code. If educational institutions prefer, they can also access the platform from their own corporate websites.

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