Hilal Geçgin
Istanbul, TR

Corporate Learning and Development Marketplace

B2B, Marketplaces


KATALOQ is a b2b marketplace platform for corporate events & trainings, learning & development tools, speakers, venues and more. In KATALOQ, providers can easily list their offerings, get quote requests from legitimate businesses and even make sales on our platform without any hassle. We basically provide them a well established platform to easily generate real leads, get detailed briefs using conversational AI without arranging any time consuming meetings and collect simple analytics data throughout this process. On the other hand, businesses can easily find the most suitable solution for their needs using our search and filtering features. Or they can simply provide a brief to us and we automagically send that brief to those providers that might be interested in. And businesses get quotes from multiple providers based on their brief without doing any mundane tasks such as searching web, filling out a bunch of forms or scheduling meetings. We are also working on providing personalized events, trainings and venues to every business (just like Netflix does with movies and tv series) to make their jobs easier. Initially we are doing this manually and in person to increase engagement and user experience in our platform. In near future, we are also planning to release a complementary SaaS product called KATALOQ Pro which will be integrated into KATALOQ marketplace. KATALOQ Pro will be a simple yet effective internal tool that businesses will use to record and manage all of their learning and development activities and all of the 3rd parties they have interacted with. Our aim is to increase their organizational memory.

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