Ulrich Steppler
Frankfurt, DE

We fully automate pax claims handling processes for airlines

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We are aviation attorneys in our day job ( As litigators we have defended thousands of passenger claims and court cases on behalf of major airlines. Over the years we realized that many airlines have not taken their internal processes to the next level and have it digitized. That is why we founded a start up company called CHS Claims Handling Solutions GmbH ( and coded the platform to assist carriers to fully automate and digitize their pax claims handling processes. In average an airline needs about 35 minutes to handle an individual passenger claim. With our solution we can handle hundreds of claims within seconds. With our legal support engine we help service agents or contact centre staff to easily assess the legitimacy of a claim or flight irregularity. The algorithm then allows to address all claims associated with e.g. a delay in a very efficient manner. In case a passenger deviates from the set criteria a manual process can be started and an individual decision can be taken. The platform allows for maximum flexibility and streamlines the whole process, so cost saving potential is huge, i.e. 6 per cent immediately and up to 30 per cent once rolled out completely. The cost associated with claims handling is pursuant to a recent EU Commission‘s study is about EUR 5 per passenger - whether he is delayed or not. That means for THY with 74 mln. passengers in 2019, that it spent about EUR 370 mln. for the handling of your claims. A lot of that money is a mere cash out to passengers plus cost for IT infrastructure, call center personnel, etc. It is our vision to keep a substantial amount of those payments in an airline‘s ecosystem and to encourage passengers to buy a new ticket instead of effecting a cash out. This can be achieved through a combination of adding higher valued gift cards (such as Amazon, Nike, Zalando, etc.) to the claims payment and providing a shopping experience.

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