I - Track

Osman Alper Sezen
Konya, TR

Real time performance monitoring & comprehensive alarm system

Analytics, Clean Energy, Software


Failures in the operation of a solar power plant result in unexpected breakdowns and loss of production and income. It is in the interest of asset owners and managers to take this further to a solution-oriented maintenance approach which gives the answer to the question: What action should be taken? INSOS analytics, named as I-Track service model; provides real time performance monitoring with comprehensive alarm system. An integrated mobile work force management tool boost the the efficiency. All kind of failures and performance losses are recorded as soon as detected. INSOS Analytics Team keeps track of all task orders, time spent on logistics, operation, staff and vehicles. An intractive tool which will add the ability to give advice to the technician on what to do and how to repair is coming soon with advance visualization capabilities as well as online guidance from all the teams even at different locations. All solar asset investors will save hours of valuable time previously spent on shunting data between notes, documents, phone calls and e-mails, while reducing mistakes and repeat truck roles. Creating reports and viewing analytics is very easy with I-track. I-Track is a proven solution based on Inavitas One performance management software. It is possible to receive field data much more faster, reduce repeat site trips by %60, generate client reports in detail and decrease losses up to %50. Our customer portfolio is growing incredibly fast, more than 1.100 MW solar asset decided on Inavitas, corresponds to %25 of Solar Farms in Turkey. More than 150 MW of these assets are managed by I-Track service. Both Inavitas and I-Track Service may be the rising star of solar word. While considering solar global annual market growth now at more than 100 GW!! Time to answer the question.. “WHY NOT??”

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