Hergele Electric Scooters

Lal Polater
İstanbul, TR

Electric scooter manufacturer and mobility sharing provider.



Hergele is an electric scooter manufacturer and a mobility sharing platform provider.Until this day,as Hergele we have,Designed.Developped.Manufactured.Sold over 100 of our products.We have developped the fleet operation software as well.with both our own hardware and software,we build micro mobility fleets for investors,entrepreneurs and local authorities.As Hergele,we are positioned as the provider.We provide the customers the software,the control dashboard,the mobile application as well as the scooters which we can adapt upon the requests of our clients.Transportation habits are changing.The micromobility concept,with the covid19 pandemic,has become a part of our daily routines.Cities are in transition as well.Many cities,like Paris,have begun to convert their car lanes into micromobility lanes,which we foresee that it is just the beginning of the multi modal street implementation.As Hergele, pursuing the clean technology and sustainability principles,we aim to ease and fasten this transition in order to expand this market with more operators to larger audiences.With a quick look at the market, we see that the market size for just electric scooters as consumer products was 18 Billion dollars in 2019 and expected to reach 42 billion dollars in 2030.Hergele on the other hand is a team made up of engineers,designers and developpers.We have our own production line,years of engineering know how,design experience,the supply chain,collaborating firms in case of urgent capacity needs and we also have the software for the future fleet operators.We have designed the future electric vehicle with a consortium made up of partners like Michelin,Autoliv,Certh and University of Firenze.We have taken our first steps towards Europe,by being included in such a consortium.Today,we have five different fleets on our production line from different cities in Turkey.Two more clients only for sharing software utilisation.Including two founding partners,we are a team of 10,all from ITU.

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