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Greenhouse Films with Sustained Insecticide Release Function (Nanotechnological Solutions for Agriculture Industry)

Clean Technology, Life Sciences, Nanotechnology


Pesticides are chemical compounds that are used to control pests & insects in agricultural practices. Among them, insecticides are the most widely used products. Although there are natural alternatives to chemical insecticide agents, the natural products are far less effective than the conventionally used insecticides. Therefore, chemical insecticides are still a must in agricultural practices. The major problem with pesticide use is its excessive and indiscriminate application. According to a recent report, only 0.1% of the pesticides used in conventional agriculture reach the target species. The rest either accumulates on crop products, or contaminates the soil causing fertility loss in soil. Moreover, storage issues of pesticides also pose additional economical burdens. To overcome the major risks related with insecticide use, we offer INSEASE, a controlled release insecticide product, where active ingredient is loaded into naturally occurring nanotubes and extruded into polymeric films. INSEASE containing films release the active ingredient in a rate that is just enough to repel pests. This way, excessive use of insecticides is prevented and cost issues related with indiscriminate use is solved. In addition, there will be no fertility loss in soil and healthy products are obtained, within the scope of sustainable agriculture. In terms of technology readiness level, we are currently at TRL 7. So far, we have concluded the proof of concept, carried out in vitro trials in laboratory environment, and performed field tests at Sabanci University’s greenhouse facility. INSEASE films tested in the intended environment passed all the tests with flying rates. After this point, with an appropriate investment, we aim to resolve the issues related with mass production.

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