Pilgrim Beart
London, GB

DevicePilot provides operational analytics for IoT products

Big Data Analytics, B2B, Internet of Things


Around the world, companies are connecting their products to the Internet for many reasons - remote control, remote management, billing and automation - and indeed many new product ideas completely rely on being connected. As these products roll-out, vendors discover that they don't have an accurate picture of what products they have actually deployed, what state they are in, whether customers are engaging, and whether they are serving customers well. Yet this is the great opportunity for IoT - to bring "web analytics" into the real world. DevicePilot brings that capability to connected products. It's super-easy to integrate and use, and instantly provides companies big and small with visualisation, analytics and automation of the connected device estate. With customers in Cleantech, Buildings, Energy and Logistics, DevicePilot is shaping-up to be the defining "category-killer" in Operational Analytics for IoT.


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