Arif Gürdenli
İstanbul, TR

Crowdsourced cyber security service platform.



We are devoted to solving the cyber security testing needs of organizations that arise in the face of increasing cyber-attacks in today's world where accessible cyber security experts are limited. We have developed a reward-based collaboration platform with independent security researchers and ethical/white-hat hackers. By using blockchain, we overcome the trust problem faced by platforms working on similar issues around the world. Transportation, pharmaceuticals, finance, e-commerce, and telecom is our primary industries to focus on. Freelance security researchers on the platform produce better results than security teams and automated tests. Bounty programs stand out as the faster and more creative option in this area, while the cost-effectiveness to discover any critical vulnerability is much higher than what cyber security consulting companies deliver. Companies can easily register on our platform, design and publish a bug bounty program, select researcher community, define reward structure and rest is handled by the platform. BugBounter platform simplifies the efforts of companies to work with hundreds of resourceful security researchers from around the world.

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