Alternatif SuperApp

Göktürk Yetim
İstanbul, TR

Alternatif SuperApp is a Fintech marketplace

B2B, Fin Tech, Mobile Payments


Alternatif SuperApp is a fintech marketplace. With the Alternatif SuperApp, customers can use digital wallets of dozens of brands in a single application, take advantage of the campaigns and pay securely with a QR code! Businesses can transform into fintechs by accessing many features such as digital wallet, loyalty, CRM, campaign and QR menu through a single platform, Alternatif SuperApp! Alternatif SuperApp, which was launched in December 2021, has reached 84 businesses, thousand branches and 200,000 users in a short period of ten months. The success of Alternatif SuperApp is due to both the features it offers for users and the critical solutions for partner businesses by bringing B2C and B2B customers together as a platform model. As Alternatif SuperApp, we are aiming to expand in Azerbaijan in 2023 then we will reach 14 countries within 5 years. By the end of the year, we are targeting more than 250 businesses and 1 million users. You can scan the QR code to download Alternatif SuperApp. You can reach us on our website and social media accounts.

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