Writen by Fatih Furkan KAYA

As Invest on Board platform, we are helping startups to find investment at 39000 feet.

How do we do that? First, you (Startups) come to us and sign up with your information and apply for your startup. Most important part of your application is your pitch video. Primarily shoot your investor pitch video of your startup and upload your video to finish your application with its link. Then we take off with your startup to the skies.

 But before we do that some technical and content requirements of your video should meet:

  • Resolution min. 720p
  • Lenght max. 3 min. (2 min pref.)
  • Format must supported by YouTube
  • Language should be English
  • Only contain relevant products & information
  • Must not violate Copyright
  • Must not violate law in any way

 Those are essential rules but we want you to have great pitch videos so let us give you some advices about making your video:

First of all tell your story in an honest and clearly presented way. Answer these following questions:

  • Why did the team or you create the product?
  • How are your audience become part of this journey?
  • Why are you bringing this project to and what will your audience enable you to do?

Bring credibility to your project by shining a spotlight and finally, your video should have a clear call to action.

And don't forget, recipe for succesful video is: 

  • 10% humorous or entertaining.
  • 40% on the pitch and problem/solution.
  • 30% showing your personality (passion, story, approachability, etc).
  • 10% bringing credibility to the project.
  • 10% the direct sales pitch.


We wish you great success.