Deniz Kahraman
Istanbul, TR

Micro e-export platform

Design, Marketplaces, E-Commerce Platforms


There are many talented designers in our country with an increasing number every day. However, as these designers mainly focus on production and creation processes, they cannot allocate the necessary time and attention to online sales and export. Therefore, they need a platform that will open them to new markets. Here we have found this platform. A micro online export based e-commerce platform which allows independent designers to sell their products to all over the world. Our target is the world and we took the first step with the United Kingdom: The design capital of the world. The UK, e-commerce revenue which constitutes the %5 of the world's total, is 15 times larger than the Turkish figures. A large majority of the population is shopping online and spending per person is 2.5 times larger than the world's average and 10 times more than Turkey. One more reason why we choose the UK is that I and my colleagues have been and are still living in the UK and we are very familiar with the market. As a team, after working for the leading companies in the field of marketing, digital, and communication, we established dozens of e-commerce operations for various brands from scratch in the UK. And we realized that It was not easy to get into the market, but when you started from the right place, you could sell even a tulip-shaped tea glass to a British audience. Designers not only sell their products on hippist, but they can also reach the opinion leaders, the buyers and distribute their products without taking any risks to all over the world. For our customers, in a world where everything started to be the same, we offer unique and exclusive products that cannot be easily found in their countries. We kept the first step for the UK market but we've already started selling on the four corners of the world. To keep our traction growing we are looking for new investment and partnerships. You may visit us from and use the code ONBOARD for 10% discount.

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